What I do to eliminate these moles and their molehills

When I arrive on site, I try and identify the best locations for my traps.

I dig inconspicuous holes in the ground to host the traps. I then mark them with small flags to easily find them later.

I also spread the molehills out to give your lawn its normal look again.

A few days later I come back to examine the outcome. If the mole is caught, I restore the initial state of your garden. Otherwize, I reset the traps if needed and I come back again a few days later.

Available Services

Trapping a mole

This packaged offering consists in installing the traps and regularly checking them until the mole is caught. The number of visits to your site is not limited (« no cure, no pay »).

Trapping a mole and neutralizing the territory for 3 months

It is always possible that a migrating mole is very happy to find free and ready to use galleries. To prevent this, I can leave traps in place and check them regularly for a period of three months.

Customized contract

If moles often invade your garden from a neighboring field or wood, a recurrent service might be more appropriate. We'll review the risk together. Then based on your expectations I'll propose you a customized service.